After a long period, or yet another of the Yin Yang cycles of life, while I have been busy studying for an MSc in Nutrition and Health, I am finally writing again on my blog. Everything in life follows cycles; a period of inner work and planning, that is Yin, has to follow a period of outer work, Yang, and vice-versa.

Let’s then re-start…

The Taoist philosophy, with the schools of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements, is the root of the Chinese culture and of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), since the legendary Fu Hsi 5000 years ago or maybe even earlier.

ACUPUNCTURE is one of the techniques of the TCM and is used to re-establish and maintain the balance of the Vital Energy that circulates in our body.

According to this philosophy, everything that exists in the universe has the two forms of energy, the Yin and Yang, like the two faces of the same coin. But one thing may be classified as mainly Yin or Yang, according to the proportion of these two energies in it.

Some of the Yin characteristics are: female, quietness, low, interior, deep, dark, cold, night, blood, and chronic problems.

The Yang characteristics are the opposite or: male, activity, high, exterior, shallow, light, hot, day, energy and acute problems.

We present good health when the Yin and the Yang that constitute our vital energy are in complete equilibrium.

When our vital energy does not circulate in a balanced form, diseases start to appear. Acupuncture then, according to tradition, through the utilization of stimulus (needles, heat, massage, laser…) on certain points on the surface of our skin can re-establish health, relieve pain and psychosomatic symptoms that could have been caused by the stresses of daily life and by the difficulties encountered in finding the balance between body and mind.

I hope that I am not making things too complicated; my intention is to inform the public about some complementary therapies that I happen to know and work with.

Next time I will write about what are the possible causes of the imbalance of our energy and consequent diseases and give some alternative to treat them.

Thank you for reading.