My favourite recipes of natural remedies for cold symptoms

Yes, winter has arrived with an intense cold spell here in England; we have had already some snow, frost, fog and very cold rain, the usual and the not so usual stuff.

What is usual this time of the year is to see people around with symptoms of cold or flu. I would like to share here some of my favourite recipes for cold symptoms like sore throat, coughs, runny or congested nose.

When my acupuncture clients arrive with some of these symptoms I might advise them to use any of these simple home natural remedies for common cold.

Ginger, lemon and raw honey

Ginger is a warming spice that helps the Metal element, Lung meridian, in releasing symptoms of cold invasion.

Tea with lemon and ginger

To make a mug of tea, take two thin slices of ginger and add boiling water, letting it steep for five minutes. It is better if you grate or finely cut the ginger in small pieces, but if you are feeling too poorly the thin slices will do, as long as you are using fresh ginger. After the five minutes add a tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon or lime (I prefer lime) and also add raw honey to taste. This tea is great when taken warm at night to sooth a sore throat before bed time.

Thyme syrup

A traditional European remedy for colds and coughs is syrup made with thyme and honey. Take around 50g of thyme (flowers and leaf) and put in a pan with 1 litre of water to simmer on low heat until it reduces to half the volume and make around 2 cups of a strong tea, let it to cool down a little and add 1 cup of raw honey, steering until it melts. This syrup can be kept in the fridge and one should take a teaspoon every 2 to 3 hours, or you can use it to sweeten a cup of ginger tea as well.

Onion syrup

This recipe I learned many years ago in Brazil, it soothes chesty coughs and it may not seem so but it tastes very nice indeed. Take two onions and cut them in small thin pieces, put them in a bowl and add raw honey, enough to cover well the onion pieces, and leave it to rest all night, or for 12 hours and after that sieve or strain it through some muslin cloth. You can make it quicker by putting the onions in a pan, covering with enough honey and gently warming over a very low heat just until the onions are softer and release some liquid. Take 1 teaspoon every two hours at the first sign of a cold or 4 times a day if you already have a full-blown cold.

Medicinal mushrooms

I am not one to suffer from colds or flu frequently; I believe that my immune system is really strong and effective in fighting invasions of pathogens like cold or flu viruses. Here I am not presenting any recipe, but I want to mention that my family and I take extracts of medicinal mushrooms, like Reishi, Cordyceps, Maitake, Shiitake or a combination of them for various reasons an the main one is that they are used for thousands of years in Chinese Medicine and are a real help to our defensive energy. Reishi, for example helped me to get rid of an allergic rhinitis that I had for 25 years. So, if you are interested in learning more about these medicinal mushrooms extracts, please check my supplier’s website here Journal of Chinese Medicine, or give me a call or book an appointment to discuss your needs.

Disclaimer: Just one note about flu and cold symptoms, when the symptoms come suddenly and very intense with fever, body aches, headache, rapid heart rate and cough with no relief always call and get advice from your GP. Flu is a serious viral infection and it needs medical attention. It is important to note that although you may use some of the information to be presented on this blog to help to achieve some relief of symptoms, or better energy and health, this information cannot substitute a visit to your GP when necessary.